Cabriole Queen Anne Furniture Legs

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Style Height  Price
Short  100mm £29.99
Standard 150mm £29.99
Tall  200mm £29.99
Extra Tall 230mm £34.99
Tall Plus 255mm £34.99
Large 305mm  £34.99
XX Tall 380mm £34.99
Grande 460mm £34.99
Grande Plus 560mm £39.99


Available in Raw Finish or you can choose a different finish from the dropdown.


Set of: 2

Includes dowel screw and T Nut for easy fixing, or bored holes for wood screw fixing. 

More info

These hardwood UK made, high-quality cabriole Queen Anne furniture legs are suitable for upholstery, armchairs and sofas. Often used with different curved back legs or as a set of 4 on certain chairs. 

Available with a dowel screw or bored holes (no dowel, bored holes drilled all the way through the wings of the leg so you can screw directly to furniture with wood screws. Recessed holes at the bottom so the screw head will not be seen).


A range of finishes can be applied to these raw legs in-house, to order. Please select from the drop-down box to use this service.


Fitted with 8mm (UK) diameter metal dowel screws as standard. Please use the drop down box to choose the screw size to match the existing fitting embedded in your furniture. 8mm (UK) will fit the vast majority of furniture. You may prefer 10mm (European) or 5/16 (United States).

Free Samples

If you are unsure, please use our Free Samples service to check the size, or read our guide on how to fit wooden legs for instructions and alternative fixings.